-Utilization Of Industrial Waste Heat And Pressure

-Comprehensive Energy Utilization

-Comprehensive Utilization Of Mineral Resources

-Geothermal Energy Utilization

Integration Of Source, Load And Network
Unattended System
Reduce Operating Costs
Realize Zero Outsourcing Power
Multi-industry Waste Heat Utilization
Low-carbon Environmental Protection Industry
Utilization Of Geothermal Resources
Comprehensive Utilization Of Mineral Resources

-R&D And Manufacturing Of Power Equipment

-R&D And Manufacturing Of Building Materials Equipment

Waste Incineration Boiler
Waste Heat Boiler
Biomass Boiler
Sludge Drying And Incineration
Photothermal Equipment
Fluidized Bed Boiler
New Building Materials Equipment
Electromechanical Equipment

-Calcium Silicate Board

-High-end Decorative Panel

Natural Environmental Protection
Thermal Insulation And Energy Conservation
Light Weight And High Strength
Class A Fire Protection
Strong Weather Resistance
Strong Weather Resistance
Sound Insulation
Convenient Construction
Industrial Investment Group
AAA Credit
Listed Company Platform
Professional Operation Team
Whole Industrial Chain Coverage
Various Cooperation Modes
Rich International Cooperation
Double-carbon Has Broad Prospects

Outstanding Cases